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Civil and Commercial Law

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• Divorces of Mutual Agreement.

• Litigious Divorces.

• Deprivation of Custody.

• Judicial approval of custody and custody agreements.

• Homologation of Foreign Judgments in Spain.

• Successions and Donations.

• Claims of Damages.

• Quantity Claims.

• Mortgage Shares.

• Monitoring and Exchange Procedures.

Criminal Law

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• Gender-based Violence, Domestic Violence and Family Abuse.

• Documentary Falsehood and Usurpation of Personality.

• Drug trafficking.

• Euroorder and Extradition (National Court).

• Assistance in procedures for the Internment of Foreigners in CIE.

• Traffic offenses: alcoholism, speeding, driving without a license, disobedience to authority, reckless driving and omission of the duty of help.

• Crimes against sexual freedom: sexual assault, sexual abuse, sexual harassment, etc.

• Special intervention in the proceedings of the National Court of Spain, acting on behalf of defendants in "Macro Causes" before the Central Court of Instruction and the Criminal Court of the National Court.

• Money Laundering and Boilers Room. (National audience)

• Replacement of Judicial Expulsion in Matters of Criminal Execution Foreign.

• Penitentiary Procedure, Review of Degrees, Treatment Board (Administrative and before the Penitentiary Surveillance Court)

Labor Law

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• Quantity Claims.

• Complaints in Labor Inspections.

• Claims of Unfair Dismissal.

• Contractual termination.

• Statement of insolvency.

• Execution procedures for sentences.

• Complaints to FOGASA.

• Supplication Resources.

International Law

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• International Abduction of Minors (return applications processed by the Ministry of Justice).

• Homologations of foreign judgments in different areas.

• European Enforcement of Judicial Resolutions in the Regulatory Area.

• International Adoption Procedures, Recognition of Paternity.

• International Transfer of Prisoners.

• Equivalence in International Social Security Conventions.

• International Judicial Cooperation in Civil and Criminal Proceedings with the United States, Switzerland, Portugal, Italy, Brazil and England (own opinions with offices in all these countries)

Inmigration Law

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• Processing of residence permits

• Regime change

• Spanish nationality by residence

• Records for marriage in Spain

• Advice on the constitution of domestic partnerships

• Invitation letters

• Sanctioning procedures

• Allegations in punitive, ordinary and preferential procedures.

• Administrative and judicial appeals against expulsion resolutions.

• Request for suspension of expulsion orders.

• Revocation of expulsion orders in force.

• Assistance at the police station.

• Denial of entry into airports.

Management of Documents and Administrative Procedures

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• Legalization of Documents in the MAEC.

• Cancellation of Criminal and Police Records.

• Brazilian Certificates (Birth, Penal, Marriage, Death, School Documents, etc).

• Spanish Certificates (Birth, Marriage, etc).

• Consular Procedures

Spanish Nationality

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• Nationality by Residence.

• Nationality by Nature Charter.

• Nationality of Origin.

• Nationality by Possession of State.

• Nationality by Option.

• Consular formalities.

• Processing of Certificates Required to Apply for Nationality.

Italian Nationality and Procedures

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• Nationality by Descent.

• Nationality by Marriage.

• Nationality by Naturalization.

• Consular Procedures.

• Recognition of Paternity and Maternity.

Procedures in Brazil

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• Homologation of Foreign Judgments.

• Divorce in Brazil.

• Rectification of Civil Registry (Change of Name and Surnames).

• Guard and Custody action.

Claims Delays, Cancellations and Loss of Luggage to Airlines.


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